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"Gravid Water played to sold-out houses in New York and Los Angeles for over 15 years. Starring the biggest names in comedy, Broadway, television, and movies, they’re honored to bring this wild experiment to The Kennedy Center."

Carla Briscoe is an actress, improviser and comedian who has performed at numerous New York-based venues, including: The Upright Citizens Brigade (NY), the Peoples Improv Theater, Stand Up NY, the Broadway Comedy Club...

Thrilled to have been a part of the award-winning "No Peanuts for Brooks McGill." 

Grateful to have been nominated by the New York Innovate Theater Awards for "Oustanding Actress in a Lead Role" for my role as Selina in "Wine and Spirits." Click below for more details.

Performed in the Women in Comedy Festival, sponsored by HBO. For more details, click below!

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"Brooklyn is in the house with OFF THE G, the last of the four offerings, OFF THE G is set in Bed-Stuy and created by Nedra Gallegos and Carla Briscoe. "Off the G" looks at the cross-section of people and cultures in the neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn through a comedic lens."

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Honored to share the stage with this amazing cast in Conchi León's play, "Inside," directed by the brilliant Valentina Fratti, and translated by Pennell Somsen - at The Cherry Lane Theatre.

The audience is able to venture into this black world made of mystery, confusion, and cruelty with the deft and hilarious Briscoe acting as narrator/Primavera (and by comedic relief default, protector)...

Performed at the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. Click the link for more info!

The 90-minute drama is staged attractively by director Kirsten Kelly in a black-box space at the New School of Northern Virginia. It features some vivid performances, too, especially by Chris Stinson, playing the personal-demon-grappling Sam, and Carla Briscoe as a neighbor who knows the forest can be filled with things that go bump in the night.

Another particular joy is Carla Briscoe as the passionate Primavera, a sort of latter day gypsy woman whose belief in the supernatural is as natural to her as clipping coupons...

Even more central to the plot is the plight of Chedva (Carla Briscoe), who enters the mikveh with her traumatized daughter (Rachel Condliffe) and a raw wound under her eye, evidence of the routine brutality of her husband, a community leader...

Helluva Theatre Company — newly formed under the mission to produce plays from the traditional canon that aren’t often seen, and in effect offering actors a spectrum of style beyond contemporary popularity — has ambitiously chosen George Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara as its inaugural production.

Red Shark Productions will present Wine and Spirits, a new comedy by Thomas Ott that will be directed by Mel Williams at the Playroom Theater Off-Broadway.  The cast features Carolyn Seiff, Carla Briscoe, Christine Seisler, Zoe Anastassiou, Hailey Heisick, Ryan Salvato and Scott Zimmerman.

Cracking open people’s emotional baggage is a slippery slope in any artistic medium. Throw in the capacity for ‘Divine Intervention’ and the playing field becomes even slipperier. All the more reason why playwright David A. Gill’s ‘Providence’ deserves attention from those seeking high drama on the New York Stage.

Grateful to have been listed in the "Best Actress in a Play" category  in DCMetroTheaterArts’ 

In Part 3 of a series of interviews with the Director and cast of Spooky Action Theater’s "Jarry Inside Out," meet actress Carla Briscoe...

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